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Note: All materials are produced by a lazer printer on quality paper.

Materials that are done on a glossy cardstock are designated with an *




Blackline Masters

230+ masters for phonics practice sheets, assessments,large and small group games and activities, and more

(click for printable sampling and link to samples)



Teacher's Manual

a 700-page, 34-week complete set of lesson plans plus much more, in a colorful, easy-to-use format

(link for Teacher's Manual)



CD Edition includes

Teacher Manual ($80), Blackline Masters ($25)

and Readables ($5) = $110

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Game Gear*

many game boards and cards for 50 games and activities used in Literacy Centers, Reading Workshops and whole-class lessons

(click for printable sampling

and link to Game Gear)


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blackline masters for 12 small phonetic make-and-take books used during specific weeks, which use only letters and sight words taught to that point

$22 (binder edition)

$12 (single box set)

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7 original picture books used with specific "Steps"/weeks

$56 (or $10/each)

Other Literature Books needed for weekly 'Literature Ties'

Click here for list


Pocket Chart Cards*

3x4" manuscript letters, 2 sets of lowercase letters, 1 set of uppercase letters, (vowel cards with colored background), 6 punctuation cards.

plus 4 additional cards: 2 "qu" and 2 "y" as a vowel.




Key Word Rhymes*

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A set of 7 'mini' books that are approx. 30 pgs each. Phonetic readers using only the sounds and sight words taught to that point.

(link to MiniBook Page)

$20 per set

($18 per set for 5 or more sets)

Colored Picture Cards*

252 - 3"x4" picture cards reinforcing each initial sound



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